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Will and Testament

Statement of Purpose

Will and Testament (a life after death comedy) was created for several reasons. First, to share with a modern audience the genius of William Shakespeare and his creation of fascinating, dramatic characters. The Bard's brilliance lies in his presenting characters who possess a common humanity and identity as recognizable to us today, as when they were written 400 years ago. The true mark of an artist is his ability to stand the test of time in capturing the truth, beauty, humor, happiness and sadness of the human condition. William Shakespeare is indisputably one of these rare artists.

This show attempts to bring to life a large assortment of Shakespeare's most colorful characters, assembled into an original, humorous and entertaining production. The educational goal is to excite students ; to encourage them to read and see much more of this great playwright's work.

As Will and Testament is performed from the perspective of a professional actor (the main character), it sheds light on the craft of acting and the pursuit of an acting career. Students will gain further insight into the demands of this challenging profession and lifestyle. In addition, this play deals with the issues of fulfilling dreams and aspirations, and the focus and commitment it takes to see them realized. And lastly, subtitled " a life after death comedy ", Will and Testament takes place in heaven, and raises questions of a life after death.

For more information please contact:
Will and Testament Productions
Fredric Stone (
5040 N. Marine Drive
Chicago, IL 60640

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